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The American flag represents all Americans, and it should be a symbol that inspires us all. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Whether it’s at rallies where Trump fans chant “USA!” or the vitriol directed at NFL star Colin Kaepernick, this symbol is weaponized by people who think that they are the only True Americans. It’s a dynamic that has been around for years, and it continues to grow.Find

USA Flags

The current United States flag features 13 equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue canton bearing 50 small, white stars. The stripes symbolize the original Thirteen Colonies that rebelled against the British crown, and the white stars represent the fifty states in the Union. The flag is often called Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, or the National Flag of the United States.

Uniting Under One Banner: Exploring USA Flags

Throughout history, Americans have created a variety of designs for the American flag. Some were embroidered on a cloth or worn as badges, while others were sewn into uniforms for military service. Today, most American flags are made of nylon or polyester. These fabrics resist UV rays and water, making them very durable for outdoor use. They also fly well in the wind and produce a desirable “snap” when flown, Gatewood said.

The federal government sets the rules for flag etiquette, which can be found in Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the United States Code. These rules include the requirement to display the flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and flagstaffs, and to light it at night if the location can be seen from a distance.

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