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Orange Crystal  come laced with dynamic energy. They’re like the first morning rays of sunshine, or the juicy bite of a peach on a hot summers day. They’re a joy, an awesome step towards rekindling your inner fire and stoking your creative spirit.

Orange stones also encourage your generosity and sensitivity. They teach you to not only believe in helping others, but to actually do it! These crystals also help you keep your emotions in check when working professionally, allowing you to stay creative and concentrate while exuding power or authority. This makes them a powerful choice for those dealing with legal matters, property deals, business goals, and buying or selling.

The Fiery Beauty of Orange Crystals: Meanings and Uses

Like all orange healing stones, Mookaite Jasper is a potent healer for emotions that include anger, tension, and rage. Its warm and sunny vibrational energies will help you let go of these negative feelings and clear away any blockages that are keeping you from moving forward.

Having a deep connection to the sacral chakra, orange crystals are thought to stimulate sexual desire and help with issues related to your genital area and reproductive system. They are also beneficial in overcoming timidity, distrust, and fears around intimacy.

This vibrant crystal is known to attract pure joy to your life, which can be as simple as a smile or as profound as a fulfilling relationship. It increases your ability to connect with others and fosters loyalty and friendship. It also helps you find new friends and stay in touch with old ones, even if they live far from you.

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