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red grip socks footbal

A footballer’s most annoying problem is slipping in his boots, especially when playing with intense energy. This slipping hinders his agility and makes him lose the ball quickly. Grip socks are the perfect solution to this issue.

How Did They Become Popular?

The history of red grip socks footbal | GAIN THE EDGE goes back a decade when physiotherapist turned entrepreneur Luke Goodwin set out to find non-slip socks for adults. He wanted to make a pair of socks that would keep the feet from slipping inside the boots but without compromising on comfort and flexibility.

He teamed up with sports companies and developed a variety of different types of grip socks that he would later put on the market. He eventually founded Trusox, the first company to produce such performance socks.

Why Do Professional Players Wear Grip Socks?

Boost Your Workout with Red Grippy Socks: How They Can Help You Stay Stable and Prevent Injury

One reason is to avoid blisters that are common in players’ feet when they’re sweating a lot. Another is to prevent the foot from rubbing against the boots.

Whether it’s for performance reasons or commercial reasons, the majority of professional players in all levels of football choose to wear grip socks. Some do it just for the added stability, reduced internal slippage, and improved boot responsiveness that grip socks can provide.

The best grip socks for football players are usually made of a blend of breathable material and synthetic materials. This combination of a soft cottony feel with thick padding helps to provide a comfortable fit that’s still highly effective. Some even have circular rubber elements that offer a good level of anti-slip protection.

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