The Rise of Baked Edibles in Canada

The baked edibles canada market is one of the most interesting and exciting opportunities that has arisen since legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. It is still a relatively small segment of the overall market, but it is growing rapidly as more people discover its benefits. Cannabis edibles are regular everyday foods infused with THC to provide the user with the effects of cannabis without smoking it. Typical examples include cookies, cakes, and the infamous weed brownies.

Edibles offer many advantages over smoking marijuana. First of all, they are discreet. Unlike joints, which have a very distinctive smell and are easily visible to others, gummies and other sweets can be consumed in public without anyone knowing about it. They also do not need to be lit and are therefore less of a health risk. Additionally, because they do not produce smoke, they are more environmentally friendly.

Canadian Delights: Exploring the Delicious World of Baked Edibles in Canada

However, the edibles market is a complex one and presents some challenges. Health Canada is keen to ensure that the industry complies with the standard slate of food safety rules, and there are concerns about whether edibles will be accessible to children.

This is something that Amy Brown, a Toronto baker and cannabis activist, is keen to address. Her goal is to remove the mystique around consuming cannabis edibles. She is already something of a pot celebrity and has made a name for herself teaching novices how to make their own edibles. She is optimistic that, once legalized, licenced producers will turn to her for guidance on edible production and formulation.