Richmond Orthodontists

Generally speaking, dentists are like GPs and can offer an extensive range of treatments. Dedicated orthodontists, on the other hand, have further training and schooling that allows them to focus exclusively on straightening smiles. This specialised knowledge helps them achieve more accurate and comprehensive results, so patients are less likely to encounter complications or discomfort.

How do you take care of orthodontics?

Glow orthodontists richmond can use a variety of methods to align teeth and bites, including traditional fixed braces and clear aligners. They may also incorporate advanced technology, such as Propel, to reduce treatment time by up to 50%. Ultimately, orthodontists aim to produce the best results and create healthy, beautiful smiles.

Aside from standard metal braces, orthodontists can also provide veneers, white fillings and dental implants. They can also carry out laser gum reduction to create a more aesthetically appealing gum line, and professional teeth whitening, which can brighten smiles by multiple shades.

Although crooked teeth can affect your self-image, they can also cause problems such as crowded teeth and jaw misalignment. Over time, these issues can become more severe and cause swollen gums, mouth infections or even tooth loss. Visiting an orthodontist can prevent these issues and improve your smile for life.