Getting Started With Picture Prints

Picture prints are a great way to share your favorite images with friends and family, or add a personal touch to any self-framing or portfolio project. There are many different types of prints, each with its own unique qualities–from the elaborate lithographs of Honore Daumier to the softer lines of drypoint. But if you’re new to the world of printmaking, it can be difficult to navigate this complex art form.

Does Staples print photos Canada?

The word “print” comes from the Latin words meaning “to strike.” This is exactly what a printing process does. In printmaking, an image is carved into a plate, called a matrix, and inked to leave a print on paper. Intaglio prints are favored by artists like Picasso and Vincent van Gogh for their striking visual effects, as well as by graphic artists who use the sunken areas of the plate to create a relief-like effect on paper. Link :

What are the different types of prints?

There are many types of prints, each with its own unique characteristics–from the elaborate lithographs found in Honore Daumier’s political commentaries to the softer lines of drypoint. To help you get started, here’s a quick primer on the different kinds of prints.