How to Use Carpet Prespray to Prevent Re-Soiling

prespray carpet

Getting great prespray carpet results on a client’s heavily-soiled carpet requires the right products. Carpet presprays help break up and dissolve entrapped oils, soils, pet urine and spots that can’t be dislodged by vacuuming alone. The right prespray also helps protect against re-soiling.

There are several types of prespray available, from simple and inexpensive to a powerful all-in-one product. Most contain a blend of specialized cleaning agents designed to clean a wide variety of fabrics, and they’re often soap-free and odor free. Some are formulated with additional chemicals, such as a chelating agent to remove hard water deposits from a carpet’s surface. Others have special ingredients, such as Amylase enzyme to break down protein-based spills like food and pet stains.

Grease Eater Carpet Prespray is an all-purpose prespray, suitable for all carpet types. It contains natural ingredients and is safer for kids, pets and the environment than those harsh chemical cleaners that clog drains, hoses, and pumps. 2 ounces of this concentrated product makes a gallon of ready-to-use solution.

The Benefits of Using Prespray for Carpet Cleaning

Harvard Chemical 2560 Grime Release Pro is a carpet prespray that penetrates deep to dissolving oil spills, grease and greasy stains. It’s an excellent choice for restaurants and other greasy areas, as it meets stain-resistant specifications and rinses easily.

Use a carpet wand or cylindrical brush machine with a sprayer to apply the prespray to the carpet. Spray it evenly, maintaining 12 inches of distance between drapery or furniture that could get stained by overspray. Let it dwell on the fabric for a few minutes before using your hot water extraction, very low moisture or dry compound cleaner.