How to Create Great Tutorials for Gaming

A tutorials for gaming is any tool that teaches players the rules and controls of a game. They’re often integrated into the game, but can also be optional and available for players to download separately.

Get feedback on your tutorials

Some games have some pretty bad tutorials, which can make the entire experience a pain. However, there are some examples of great tutorials that really stand out and help to entice new players into playing a game.

There are a few basic things that designers can do to create great tutorials for their gaming experiences. The first thing that you should do is plan your tutorial design well in advance of the game’s release date.

Don’t front-load the tutorial – A lot of game designers think that they need to throw everything at the player right away, when in reality this is a terrible idea and will result in your tutorial being underwhelming or unhelpful for players.

Try to integrate your tutorial into the gameplay itself – The best video game tutorials are usually very interactive and engage with the gameplay. This can take many forms, from arrow keys being carved on the back of a cave wall at the beginning of a platformer to a squad mate telling you to cover yourself in a firefight.

Show don’t tell – One of the most important things to remember is that tutorials should be more “show” than “tell.” In other words, you shouldn’t have huge popup text boxes telling the player how to do something.