Tri-Arc Guardrail Gates and Ladder Safety Gates

Whether you are looking for a ladder safety gate or an access gate, you can count on Tri-Arc’s experts to create the perfect system for your needs. They will also ensure that your guardrail meets all the industry standards.

How high should a safety gate be?

Guardrail gates help to protect workers and visitors from hazardous areas. They can be found in factories, warehouses, floor openings and ladderways. They can also be used for crowd control. They protect building features and equipment, such as electrical panels, mechanical panels, mezzanines and rack aisle ends.

The guardrail is a system that transfers the force of a vehicle to the posts, which can then deflect the vehicle. The amount of deflection depends on a number of factors, including the type of guardrail, the length of the rail, the height of the rail, the weight of the vehicle, and the type of soil.

Guardrails come in a variety of different types, including steel box beam, fabricated steel, cable and wood posts, and concrete barriers. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Concrete barriers are generally strong enough to withstand direct hits from vehicles. However, they can be costly to repair. For this reason, a more economical option is the guardrail. Concrete barriers are also suited for high-volume routes.

Regardless of the type of guardrail, you will need to install a break at the end of the rail, as well as at each end of the post. The break can be replaced by a bar or a fixed anchor.