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Today’s guests expect high-speed Internet access in all hotel rooms and public areas. It is now a must-have that contributes to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In addition, a lack of HSIA can negatively impact online reviews and guest experience.

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Most people are used to a fast internet connection at home, work and in bars and restaurants. Hotel wireless internet solutions also have cellular subscription plans that include mobile internet connectivity. These factors create high expectations for WiFi services in hotels, especially as it is increasingly being offered for free.

To meet these demands, hotels must have a strong network with adequate capacity and coverage. However, many hotel owners struggle to provide guest WiFi that is dependable and provides their guests with an excellent experience.

One reason is that some devices are unable to connect to the network and/or log on properly. Another is that the network may be overwhelmed by too many guests trying to use it at once. These challenges can be addressed by deploying multiple WiFi networks and enabling guests to choose their preferred network.

Other reasons might be caused by a network that is operating at less than optimal speeds or the fact that there are dead spots within your property that need additional coverage. To avoid such problems, you can benefit from an end-to-end hotel wireless internet solution that is managed by a reliable provider. It takes care of everything from equipment setup and installation to maintenance, updates and service support.

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